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/ Whaddup Boo: The Ian Hartman Week 03 PPJ
April 24, 2017

I went through a lot of shots this week and make little to big edits in each. I’m just going to dive right in and read off the list…

NOV 010 was always meant to have a space stuff getting pulled into a point and I had originally mocked up this spiral effect but I rendered it way to small and it got lost in the composite. I have since tweaked my setup in Houdini and re-rendered the effect to have it MUCH larger.

I’ve also updated the color streaks, explosion, and ring that happen throughout the shot and handed off these rendered effects to the composite artist for the shot, Matt “Slick” Rotella.

New matte painting/plate for ATM 020. I stitched together 3 aerial photos to make a 4k image that I then mapped to a card setup in Maya -> brought into NUKE as 3D geo and projected the plate onto. This way we get camera movement over the plate.

Here is that same frame but with an iteration of my atmospheric re-entry burn (which needs a bunch of work still, but it looks better than it did before and at the beginning of the shot) and camera shake:

COR 010 got a new iteration of the core rendered, with much strife. The server, being the server, blipped multiple times and caused Mantra to hang, which needed a bit of manual love to get working again (aka I got to walk around and restart the render from the hung frame). Moving forward, I’ve written a script that will localize all read and write paths for a Houdini file so I won’t be dependent on the server, which should help the renders keep going until they are done without pause.

CMP 005 and 010 both got new fire effects cached & rendered, with smaller flames and pockets of fuel that evolve.

GHL 010’s contrail was rendered out a bit too thick on my second iteration, I quickly fixed that and re-rendered.

Lastly, I did a quick test on a new look for the ion thruster, as my last (and only) iteration is a bit too dense and the shaping isn’t so great. I’m pushing to have them integrated into the shots within the week.

With a new Trello board up and running for the final push, I feel much more productive.


Lobster Fact: War Lobsters are the most common type of lobster, defined by their hard, red outer shell with a soft red, white, and blue underbelly. They often attack on site and are very territorial of their ShopRite display tanks.

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