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/ Week 4 Team PPJ – Lobsters Rock!
January 31, 2017

There’s a well known and often quoted parable in which a small ant, through will power alone, accomplishes the amazing feat of moving a rubber tree plant. While lobsters may have a similar number of legs to that famed arboreal theif, Lobsters have something more than just will power to accomplish their tasks– they have a burning passion for bringing this animation to life.

This week, Lobsters are Weird spent a total of 95 hours working to move the project forward, in hopes of presenting a killer animation this upcoming deliverable. Work has been done on a plethora of elements, from FX to animation, and we’re so excited to be sharing our work this week with you.

Space Flowers! Read More

Matt Rotella has been hard at work on ATM 030, ensuring that the previously flat environment has a bit more life in it. And life is definitely the right word to use here. The flowers, which have been UV’d, textured, and composited into ATM 030, are an improvement on the previous weeks flower geo. In the coming weeks, Matt will continue working on this shot to ensure that this shot is just as exciting and breathtaking as our other landscapes.

Cube World received some tender loving care from our new projections expert, Brendan Brown. Along with adding dynamic lighting to create shadows and interesting highlights to the textures, Brendan split up the geometry along the separate mountains, to allow each one to be addressed individually.

Thrusters engaged! Read More

And where would a spaceship be without thrusters? Earth probably. Ian Hartman, FX wizard, has been hard at work ensuring that the ship’s thrusters will be believable and efficent for rendering. While the effect is on few of the shots right now, as animation moves closer to lock, we’ll be seeing a lot more of this effect in each of the shots.

Our new poster. Read More

Finally, Lobsters have taken major steps towards improving our client-facing elements. Our previous pencil-sketch logo is working on being replaced, the logotype for our project is being designed, the website has greatly improved, and the poster for our final project is looking better than ever. We’re looking forward to being able to show our project to all types of new people.

LOBSTER FACT: Alex the Lobster is the only animal besides Alex the Parrot to ever ask an existential question. Alex the Lobster asked the much better question “If there is no God, is there any point to our existence?”

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