Catching a few lobsters...
/ ‘Twas the Night Before Alpha: A Week 10 PPJ

‘Twas the night before alpha, and all through the labs
Not a core was asleep, there were renders to be had.
The students were glued to 206 with a scare,
Hoping Professor Wagner wouldn’t eject them from there.

One student nestled, all snug in his chair,
was a student named JJ, with oily brown hair.
And Ian in his sweater, and JJ in a blazer,
had a high degree of focus, much like a laser.

When Google Calendar sprang forth with a chime,
JJ looked down at this phone to check the time.
The push notification frightened JJ,
He had but an hour to submit a PPJ.

In a rush most considered to be over dramatic,
He began typing with the force of a fanatic.
More rapid than eagles, he typed with great speed
a detailed list of the things he had achieved:

“I did matte paintings, and managed, and rendered too*-
I gave up my whole thanksgiving to see those renders through.
I made a new edit to show on Tuesday,
and made sure my Gantt chart was all squared away.”

With the list done, and growing quite tired,
JJ realized the time, and planned to retire.
He announced to the students, computers, bricks and mortar:

“Congratulations, Senior Project Teams! We survived the Fall Quarter!”

*Here are some of those renders:



Lobster Fact: 
Lobsters love haikus–
Much like these special poems
Lobsters are quite short.

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