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February 23, 2017

While I’m certain that most people don’t really care about digital hygiene, it’s massively important. Being able to find the files you need quickly, and having a plan to purge the files you no longer need is one of the most basic steps in building a pipeline that’ll last a long time.

Today, I spent several hours ensuring Lobsters are Weird’s drive on the server was as clean and presentable as it could possibly be. By the time I finished, I removed 276,000 files and 63.6 gigs of unneeded, outdated and redundant files. The full file on the server is not only cleaner, it’s now under 2 terabytes, which is much more manageable.

Again, I know this doesn’t sound all that exciting or worth our time, but I’m already witnessing the benefits of it during our weekly backup of our project to the Lobster B.I.S.C. (An acronym which stands for “Backup In case of Server Crash.” While we acknowledge that it’s not a perfect acronym, we’re still proud of the pun, so we’re keeping it).

I’m only 15 minutes into the backup, but the system is forecasting nearly 60 hours until the process is complete. Holy guacamole, let’s cross our claws and hope it doesn’t take that long.


I miss the days when this was an 8 hour task.

Post publication edit: So, it turns out I deleted some really important stuff. The total time setback was only a couple hours, but that’s still a pretty unpleasant setback. The initial scolding was awful.

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