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February 7, 2017

Team PPJ Week 5

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February 7, 2017

In a single week, there is 168 hours. This week, Lobsters spent more than a complete week of man hours (180 hours to be exact) getting ready for our week 5 mid-beta presentation. We made a lot of really great progress pushing our project forward ensuring that when we show our latest cut in front of the faculty, it’s everything we wanted it to be. Here’s just some of the amazing new features that were implemented over the past week:

CMP particle integration. Read More

We spent a lot of time this week ensuring that our CMP shot will have particles rendered and ready to go. These sweetening elements like fire, dust kick up and thrusters help embellish the geometry that we’ve created and help bring the sequence to life.

Matt Rotella’s Look Development. Read More


Brendan’s Look Development. Read More

Furthermore, look development was done on several shots. From LPO to WRP, new matte paintings, better lighting and improved rendering workflows helped create better landscapes.

Matt’s ship development. Read More

The ship also received some tender loving care with grunge overlays and lights around the ship.

Finally, we put some effort into a nice title card that would reveal the title of the project in a thematically appropriate way.

The lobsters are very proud of our accomplishments this week, but we know there is still a ways to go. We want to spend this week ensuring a smooth transition between RenderMan 20 and 21, along with improving the issues we had in our cut. We’ll also start talking with our sound designers to start getting another audio pass completed.

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