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/ Team PPJ Week 8
February 28, 2017

Team PPJ Week 8

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February 28, 2017

By golly, it’s been a week and a half! The lobsters are excited about the changes we’ve made this week, since they’ve all really moved our project in a great and forward direction. This past week, the lobsters put in a combined 134 of work that we’re happy to exhibit for you:

Side of the ship, before and after the relight. Read More

Jacob Jones, a pretty okay lobster, worked on ensuring the lights in DIE echoed the emotional momentum we wanted in the shot, and ensured it’d look good from every angle. This new lighting set up maintained the dramatic lighting treatment from the earlier lighting, but also takes into account the color story we created in the Fall. Like the lighting, JJ!

Plants in Cube World. Read More

Brendan Brown, known for his digital green thumb, is adding life to a new shot with some procedurally generated flora. This time, the lucky shot is DIE, and this is the result. These plants will litter the landscape and add more visual interest to the shot. Perfect planting, Brendan!

Updated Flowers. Read More

Speaking of plants, check out the updated plant textures Matt Rotella made this week! This new texture helps liven up the plants and establish scale with the size of the wood grain. Terrific texturing, Matt!

Check out that Core! Read More

Houdini Wizard Ian Hartman is back again with another amazing round of FX to add to core. This addition helps tell the story of the COR planet– a once tragic and violent planet that has settled and healed, allowing our voyagers to take a break. Nice node-ing, Ian!

New Mesh Lights. Read More

Lobster aficionado Matt Mlodzienski has been busy this week ensuring that the ship looked amazing when we add effects. To help assist the effects integration, Matt added lights to the ship that beautifully illuminate the ship with the residual light energy from the thrusters. Those cones protruding from the ship are mesh lights, which allowed Matt to best mimic the effect the engines would have on the ship. Marvelous mesh light making, Matt!

Lobster of the Week: Joe Santos. He knows what he did.

Lobster Fact: Like Leonardo’s Long Leaping Lizards of London, Lichtenstein’s last lithograph Lonely Lobster Leaving Liechtenstein lacked lively linework, looked lackluster, and likewise left L’academie lost and Lo! lacking liquor.

JJ Fact: It took me 30 minutes and a dictionary to write that, and it’s still awful.

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