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/ Team PPJ – Week 7
February 21, 2017

Team PPJ – Week 7

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February 21, 2017

Despite the cold weather and rough seas, Lobsters have been able to accomplish a great deal this past week. Having spent a combined total of 165 hours this week in the labs, or an average of 27.5 hours per lobster, the team has implemented some exciting new features into our animation that is sure to wow the audience. Here’s just a taste of some of the new stuff added this week:

Brand new animation on NOV 020 by Matt Rotella. Read More

NOV 020, the controversial psychedelic sequence likened to our project’s guitar solo by John Berton, has a brand new animation and composite by lobster Matt Rotella. This sequence is now ready to be pushed through the magical and highly secretive bending process, wherein Matt takes the footage into his mysterious bending layer, makes loud awful noises for hours, then emerges with a bent sequence. What goes on then? Nobody knows. And nobody ever will know. And that’s what makes it so magical.

ECL polished animations and effects by Dan Fradkin. Read More

Dan spent some time this week polishing our eclipse shot, one of the most beautiful and poetic moments in the piece. The animation, which has been slowed down and finagled in Nuke is now looking better than ever. Good on ya, Dan!

And check out this neat-o core effect developed by Houdini Wizard Ian Hartman. This fractured effect helps explain the violent pass of this planet while also allowing the ship to have a peaceful moment on the planet. If you’re interested in how this effect was created, check it out here.

Trees on trees on trees on trees. Read more

And check out these awesome trees on our giant hole shot! These trees add definition and visual interest to a shot that had been on the chopping block for months. Saving a shot and adding more cool effects? Now that’s a good week, Brendan.

Will our explorers survive this? Find out next week! Same Lobster Time! Same Lobster Channel! Read More

JJ, also a lobster, did a relighting pass on DIE to ensure that the proper mood is captured. This high-contrast look helps solidify the dramatic tension we’re hoping to achieve in the sequence, along with new editing and pacing. We hope this sequence will deliver the proper emotional weight when we premier the beta project.

Lobster of the Week: Lobster Comrade Dan for his work at toppling the lobster bourgeoisie.

Lobster Fact: At 16, Walt Disney dropped out of school and, with false documents, spent a year touring the European countryside dressed as a Lobster. He later referred to this era in his autobiography as the “red days.”

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