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/ Team PPJ – Week 6
February 14, 2017

Team PPJ – Week 6

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February 14, 2017

This week, lobsters spent a combined 173 hours working on building a great project. We met with John Berton this week, following some phenomenal feedback from the Beta Build, and we got some of the most in-depth critiques we’ve ever received. More than 8 pages of notes later, and we’re still learning and improving our project. Here’s just a sampling of some of the behind-the-scenes magic that our team has created this week.

I feel ashamed that I couldn’t think of a good tree pun for this. Read More

Giant Hole Planet (or GHL) is getting some paint effect trees implemented by Brendan Brown. This breath of life into a previously dead shot helps establish the planet more and inspire the design of GHL. Aided by a brand new tutorial by our advisor, Brendan hopes to have this shot polished and tree filled by the end of next week. It’ll definitely make for a more composed and better-looking shot.

New COR FX. Read More

Ian Hartman, our resident Houdini wizard, has been hard at work kicking butt on particles. This effect here, for COR world, helps tell the story of a world with a violent past, where a calm scene takes place. This juxtapositions of moods helps create the contrast that we’re looking for in out project.

“Needs some lens flare.” – J. J. Abrams. Read More

Matt Mlodzienski has also spent countless hours (okay, not countless, it was 48 hours) this past week making the ship look amazing. New grunge passes, texture passes and lights on the ship help to make this most important asset and our main character look realistic and impressive. Good job, Matt!

Another major part happened this week. In one of our colleague’s PPJs, they wrote:

The grain of salt is all senior design teams are going through host of issues or another.  Except for Lobsters Are Weird.  They put on such an aura of cohesion I wouldn’t be surprised if they all share the same sleeping bag every night.  If I knew that would fix Tayona’s issues I would go to Amazon right now and order the biggest sleeping bag I could find. -Chris Johnson, Team Tayona

One of our major goals as a team is professional polish. Our personal interpretation of that goal is that our team are operating in the same way a group of industry professionals would. Every project, regardless of size, is treated seriously and professionally. I think Chris’s comments is a testament to our professional polish. I know this is a joke, and I’m probably reading too far into it, but I’m deeply proud that we’re setting an example that other teams are looking up to.

LOBSTER OF THE WEEK: Matt Mlodzienski, for 48 hours of grueling ship detailing. The ship is going to look great in our final project.

LOBSTER FACT: You are 21% more likely to suffer a heart attack within 24 hours of eating a lobster dinner. Those jerks go straight for the kill, even after being consumed.

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