Catching a few lobsters...
/ Team PPJ Week 5
May 9, 2017

The lobsters were busy this week working on a myriad of wonderful changes to our project. This week, we heavily focused on a few of our shots– DIE 010-060, CMP 010 and ATM 030.


Current DIE frame. Read More

DIE, the dramatic moment when the ship is floating lifelessly through space, saw a lot of improvement this week. Effects were supplied by Ian Hartman, and composited by Matt Mlozienski. Furthermore, one of the shots, DIE 060, got a new animation pass by Jacob Jones and Brendan Brown.

CMP 010

Current CMP frame. Read More

CMP 010 got more foliage and a relight to improve upon its previous “two pools of light” issue. This was the work of Brendan Brown and Daniel Fradkin.

ATM 030

ATM 030 current frame. Read More

Finally, ATM 030 received a hair simulation tune up by Matt Rotella and some improved environment work by Brendan Brown.

We’re excited about the changes we’ve made this week, and we know that they were all done in the name of improving the project. We can’t wait to show you this project in the upcoming weeks.

LOBSTER FACT: Contrary to popular belief, Lobsters are non-recyclable items. They should be disposed of with fire, not tossed away.

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