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/ Team PPJ – Week 10
March 14, 2017

This week, lobsters put forth a total 161 hours to bring the Beta cut of our project across home plate. During that time, we made a lot of major steps towards ensuring the final look of our project matches the intentions we had when we planned the project in Fall. Here’s some of the final looks that were created because of the hard work put forth this past week:

Matt Rotella and Ian Hartman teamed up to create this cool effect. Read More

Matt Rotella and Ian Hartman both put in work to NOV 010, which involves an explosion of a supernova that engulfs the ship. Good Work, Matt and Ian!

New DIE Look. Read More

Here’s the new DIE look, created by Brendan Brown. This shoot uses elements from our live action element shoot and our CG ship. Good compositing, Brendan!

Atmospherics on CMP. Read More

Dan’s work on CMP is also looking really great! The atmospherics really help bring the shot to life. Good on ya, Dan!

Learn about the transformation of GHL here!

Also check out this revamped giant hole shot! To think that only ten weeks ago, this was little more than some geometry with a flat lambert with a few parented boxes flying over it. GHL has been touched by Brendan Brown, Ian Hartman and Jacob Jones! Good job, y’all!

Brand new edit. Read More

And we have a brand new edit, ready to premeiere in front of the faculty and students tomorrow morning. We’re looking forward to showing y’all all of the progress that we’ve made!

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