Catching a few lobsters...
/ Team PPJ Week 04

Our team has grown leaps and bounds over the past week. As a team, we focused on moving from an entirely 2D animatic to a first pass at a 3D animation. This took a ton of work, as you might imagine. This past week, the Lobsters have been busy pounding their claws against their keyboards, making magic in Maya, Nuke and Houdini. Members have been making charts, composites, edits and amazing simulations. We feel it’d be best to let our work speak for itself. So, without further ado, please watch our first draft, including temp audio.

From here, we intend to begin blocking in better scene geometry, adding textures, and continuing to work on our effects and composites. We’d also like to tighten up our edit, perhaps work in some more match cuts, and begin showing our project to as many people as we can to make sure that we’re giving our viewers goosebumps.

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