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/ Spring Week 2 Team PPJ
April 18, 2017

Lobsters are still busy making sure that our project is as professionally polished as physically possible prior to the penultimate presentation, and coming up with new fun words that begin with the letter ‘p.’ This week lobsters put in tons of work ensuring that each frame is the most beautiful possible frame we can make. Here’s just a sample of the great changes we’ve made that’ll push our project forward:

AST has more asteroids

If you’ve ever been looking for a safe bet, you could probably bet money on the critique “AST needs more asteroids” being given just about every week. It seems the more asteroids we put in the shot, the better it looks overall. Matt Mlodzienski, who’s been hard at work on the AST composite has really upped the number of asteroids in the shot:

More Asteroids in AST 010. Read More

Title Animation Improved

While the title animation has been polarizing based on individual tastes in typography, the argument over the resolution of the image is pretty clear, in the way that the old type wasn’t. Not only was LPO improved by some compositing work, the title was also improved. Jacob Jones provided a before and after picture of his work in his PPJ:


Cleaning up LPO Titles. Read More

Hair Sims on ATM 030

While our text is getting less fuzzy, Matt Rotella has been making his flowers more fuzzy. Here’s a cool render of Matt’s flowers with their fur simulations:

Flower fur simulation. Read More

Streaks and Other Dynamics

Ian Harthman, our resident Houdini Wizard, has also been making streaks that’ll be layered onto NOV 010 to add to the madness.

NOV 010 streaks. Read More

DIE Relight

And finally, Brendan Brown relit our most emotionally intense sequence, DIE. While the ship may be harder to see in some of the shots, the lighting reflects the increased tension in the shot.

DIE Relight. Read More

Overall this was a very successful two weeks, and we’re looking forward to showing you all our final project in just a couple of weeks. Stay put!

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