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/ Rocket Thruster WIP – 10/14/2016

Quick, simple implementation of another rocket thruster system (I have an earlier test that I’ll post here tomorrow, got behind on posting… my bad), this system is much faster and more flexible over the previous iteration. Credit to Tighe Rzankowski ( for helping and pointing me in the right direction.

The velocity is calculated from the points on the source disk, dependent upon their distance from the center and then piping that value into a ramp to give full control over the shaping of the velocity field (@Cd to visualize the ramp, also created a visualizer in Houdini to show the vectors of the velocity).


float radius = `chs(“../disk/rad2”)`;
vector center = {0,0,0};
float amp = chf(“amplitude”);
v@v = {0,1,0};

@idw = 1 – fit(distance(center, @P), 0, radius, 0, 1);

@v.y *= chramp(“ramp”, @idw) * amp * @noise;
@Cd = @v.y;

Hip File (Hosted on Google Drive because WordPress doesn’t like .hipnc files)

– Ian Hartman

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