Catching a few lobsters...
/ Prepare to DIE… Again (Matt Mlodzienski Week 6 PPJ)
May 16, 2017

Another week, another DIE update. I discovered that Kronos worked significantly better to slow our element footage versus OFlow. The new results are significantly smoother. With some advice from our advisor Jeremy, I was able to improve the layering of the different footage, and Brendan helped with some color correction. DIE is starting to get there, but any improvements I make need to be pushed to the five other shots in the sequence, and the new iteration of DIE_060 just came off the Maya render queue tonight with broken frames.

Pros: DIE is looking cool.

Cons: DIE 060 needs to get done and we only have 22 days left for this whole project.

Lobster Fact: The galactic lobster population primarily lives in the ice seas of Saturn’s moon Europa, where the low water temperature is ideal for lobsters’ long lifespans.

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