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April 17, 2017

I’ve been bouncing back and forth between multiple shots tackling issues and revisions from Beta feedback and internal review.

The biggest change is in COR 010 where I rebuilt shaders for the core and fractured parts, added more variation to the asteroid ring, and also more variation to the blobs that cooled off the core. These bits still need work as it doesn’t read well that these bits cooled off from the core but I’m hoping the shading will help illuminate this. I’ve also reigned in the displacement shaders and optimized the scene a bit to help keep the render times manageable. This is the current render showing the new shaders:

The inspiration for the core is cooled magma floes, where there cooled, reflective exterior but hints to a hot interior, similar to this…

Other shots got some love too, namely nov 010 where I went through and dealt with shading on the new color streaks so they falloff towards the tail and quickly ramp up into the center as the supernova pulls the ship in as well. They now also explode outwards, adding another layer and re-using something I’ve already built with minimal effort.

Other things I’ve done this week include:

  • I’ve also revamped the ATM 030 re-entry trail to use nearly the same system as the GHL 010 contrail but with tweaks.
  • I quickly added spark fx to ast 010 for Matt, so that the asteroid impacts are a bit more pronounced now.
  • I tweaked the vdb clouds for GHL, added a bit of motion and detail but I can push the detail further.

Lobster Fact: Like comparing apples to oranges, shrimp and lobster are very similar, with shrimps often being referred to as ‘mini-lobsters.’

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