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/ PPJ: Jacob Jones Week 4

Since I’m really interested in making sure that this project is well managed, I’ve spent the majority of this week focused on making project management documents. That took two major forms this week: The first being a shot breakdown that works as a one-stop-shop for information on the scene, and updating our Gantt chart to match faculty feedback.

For the shot breakdown, I wanted to make sure that any member on our team had a very clear idea of which shots are which, and which direction they need to move in to make the shot the very best. Here’s the full layout currently:


A larger, more readable version can be seen here.
Further more, we wanted to make sure that our Gantt chart includes information about what deliverable we expect, how long we believe those deliverables should take, and who’ll be working on them. We also added a red bar to denote where we are on the sheet. Here’s the most recent version:


Over the coming two weeks we’d like to move from a weekly scale to a scale that more accurately shows how long we anticipate tasks to take. I’d also like to further assign each member to a task, so we can ensure that each member of the team knows how to work within their asked for 20-hour weeks.

I also felt the itch to jump into Maya, so I helped block in a shot. Here’s my latest playblast of the scene I helped block in:

This shot is made to replicate helicopter footage of volcanoes, which I researched while making this shot. We also knew that we wanted to show that this hole is very large- so large that there’s a weather system within the hole. We created this in the mockup by putting the clouds inside of the hole.

I also mixed the audio for our team’s PPJ submission. Here’s my thought process.

Over the next week I intend to improve the gantt chart further, adjust the shot list as I hear feedback about it, help block in shots.

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