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/ PPHEYYY, The Ian Hartman Week 05 PPJ
May 9, 2017

Week 05 was a continuation updating engine effects for all shots, as well as getting COR ready to be re-rendered and updated to work with the new camera move. I was able to get a lot of effects done for our DIE sequence that help sell the desperation of the ship as well as new passes on the wing engines that help give them all separation from each other. A couple other shots are feeling the love as well, with ATM 020 getting some updates to the re-entry burn (which isn’t going so hot at the moment) and SRP getting updated clouds.

Matt Mlodzienski has been doing a great job comping the DIE shots, here is a frame of his comp work with my effects (just the engine effects, the dust and stuff is elements we shot) layered in:

The effects were really easy to make and quick to render but add a lot to the shot. We are going to add light to the interior of each engine… because the currently don’t light up at the right times


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