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/ Pipeline and PreVis: The Ian Hartman Story

Production Journal – Week 04

Ian Hartman


The past couple weeks have been busy ones, getting the concepts into blocked shots and refining tools in order to start ramping into our pipeline. Luckily, in the past week I was able to get the team working with my pipeline tools that allow them to launch into scene/shots in any stage of production and get working faster. They found a lot of problems that I had to fix and brought up good suggestions for features to add. This tool gives us a solid footing on which to build and hopefully by the end of this term it will be more fleshed out and realized. My goal is to have it assist in every part of the pipeline, from setting up new shots to rendering and comping each shot.

Asides from tool development, I was able to get in and block a few shots and subsequently start to test our comping pipeline, bringing them into NUKE and playing around.

Each frame in these shots took ~15 seconds a frame out of Maya with just the spaceship and blocking geometry (minimal shaders as well). They were then brought into NUKE for matte additions and lighting tweaks.

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