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/ Oh Boy, It’s Finals! — Week 10 PPJ
March 14, 2017

This week was all about getting across the finish line with a finished beta that we’re proud of. I spent most of this past week cleaning up renders, ensuring that there’s a consistent level of polish across shots, and developing the necessary strategies to make sure that all comps, renders and audio, in their finished states, make it into the video. I also reworked the cut slightly and remixed audio with Matt Rotella to get it to the best possible final product we could make.

In our Mid-Beta check in, we had some major render issues. Our flames flickered, lights strobed and the whole thing came across much less polished then we’d hope for. We’ve learned our lesson and made sure to clean our renders way before hand. We’ve checked the cut multiple times to ensure there’s no flash frames, and each member of the team signed off that their shots are the correct shots for this cut.

I also made this matte painting. It’s not great, but as someone who rarely paints, I’m kind of pleased with it. Not for our project, but as a piece of personal growth. I’m not charging it to the clients, though.

I know I paint like a kid in middle school. That’s why I paint alone.

Most of the rest of my work this week was quality assurance and team leadership, which rarely produces cool images or renders. But it was a substantial amount of time. I guess I could show you the timeline of my edit? Those kind of look cool, right?


Timeline for our project’s Beta cut.

I’m really looking forward to our next term. We’re clearly pushing senior project to a place that we haven’t really seen them go before. We’ve created a highly-polished interesting piece, and our next term will be spent pushing the boundaries of Honu to the very furthest reaches of space.

Lobster Fact: The 1999 Nobel Prize went to a lobster with a flame thrower. Not as an invention or a scientific study, that lobster just really wanted a Nobel Prize and gosh darn it, he got one. That’s a level of dedication we should all aspire to.

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