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/ Matthew Rotella’s Week 2 PPJ: PLANTS!
January 17, 2017

This weeks main focus for myself was to figure out how to get our atmosphere entry wide shot (seen below) up to snuff. 

I decided on giant flowers to spruce up the landscape. I took inspiration from the lily for the flower’s general shape and petal structure with the curling on the ends and such. Then I looked at the mangrove tree to figure out the alien flare. I used them to think up the base and root structure. 

I figure a pastel pink flower would add some nice color to the shot then the giant roots of the massive flowers could push into the ground, cracking it, making the ground itself more interesting to look at. So far I have modeled two flowers and a bud out of my planned 4 flowers and a bud.

In the week to come I plan on finishing the flowers, of which I only need 2 more, and sculpting the landscape. Then I will begin texturing, and hopefully all goes well. 

Lobster Fact: Lobster’s are hydrophobic at extreme temperatures even though they can change their body temperature to survive. 

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