Catching a few lobsters...
/ Matthew Rotella Winter Break and Gakmas PPJ

Since my last PPJ not all too much has happened. I made a databending tutorial shortly before winter break.

But I might make another where I’m not so tired and strung out. Otherwise I haven’t done much mainly a lot of sleeping, movies, and video games. My computer broke so I got new one for Christmas so that’s nice. I also got some new slippers and a pocket drone. My uncle gave me a gift card so I could get a new turntable for my vinyl collection, and it sounds great.

My friends and I celebrated our own holiday of Gakmas on the 29th. It celebrates the glory of the gooey toy known as Nickelodeon Gak. We get together exchange Gak, have a secret santa, and play a rousing round of Gakball. This year my friend Bryan and I played a Gakmas concert with our band Egakulate and my friend Kenny joined us as another guitar player. We played the Grinch song, our rendition of Amoeba by the Adolescents where we replaced amoeba with another friend’s name, Villian Number 1 from Lazy Town, The Twist, Eye of the Tiger and whatever other requests we could play, along with some we couldn’t. For Gakmas secret santa I got some suspenders, a top hat, a book of full color photos of 500 funk and soul album covers, and I gave Bryan a large ink and water color painting of him playing guitar in his fox one-piece pajamas (a reference to a different concert we played). It was a great night of fun and drinking with friends. Well that about sums it up. 

Lobster Fact: The lobster’s primary food source is Nickelodeon Gak.

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