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/ Matthew Rotella Week 9 PPJ: Bending, Color, and Presenting
June 6, 2017

This past week was all about wrapping things up. The last major change I had was making updated databends of the nov 020 inside the supernova sequence, which then needed to edit into the final shot. The final shot needed a little tweaking on the camera shake motion blur to bring back some detail, and after that it was all combining bend and original in edit city. I really tried to amp up the tension in the end with some encouragement from my teammates.

Next up was polishing my presentation slides and speaker notes. All went well except the color correction slides needed to be cut.

Finally on Sunday JJ, Matt, Brendan, and myself put on the finishing touches to the visuals with a color grading pass in the color suite using DaVinci Reseolve. It all went great for the most part and after that the project was pretty much all wrapped up.

I had a blast working on the project and working with the people I got to work with.

Lobster Fact: Humans can use mind control on lobsters by hooking electrodes from a human brain to a lobster’s antennae.

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