Catching a few lobsters...
/ Matthew Rotella Week 7 PPJ: Back to the Flower Board
February 21, 2017

A good portion of this week I spent updating the flowers in the atmosphere entry wide shot in a variety of ways. First on the docket was figuring out if performing a cloth simulation on them was practical for having them blow in the wind. Turns out it is! I ran some tests and everything works fine. I almost have a sim working the way I want. But before I do that I have to finish updating the textures so I don’t have to archive cache my sims twice. I also made progress into sculpting the ground in that shot. It’s not done but it’s getting there.

I also put the final animation pass on the inside the supernova shot, meaning all of my animation is on lock. When comped there were some spooky results, which I’ll refine soon.

Lobster Fact: When lobsters fully mature they latch onto a rock and proceed to eat their own brain. At this point they live more like a mindless plant and subsist primarily on filter feeding. However they retain their hard shells and appear like rocks. This piece of information is what inspired the B-52’s to write their smash hit song “Rock Lobster,” which is more of a jam than most people remember.

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