Catching a few lobsters...
/ Matthew Rotella Week 5 PPJ: Coming Together
February 7, 2017

This week was a rush (not rushed work but a rush knowwhatImean?) of cleaning up animation, rendering, and comping all of the shots to make all of the newest hotness in our project.

For the Atmosphere entry shot I added some flame streaks to the close up and the far shot, along with comping in the background.

Then for the supernova explosion shot I comped in one of Ian’s Houdini effects, along with updating the look, and animation. It’s also now rendered with the new ship textures!

Then for the shot where it is in the explosion I did a whole new series of databends, with all new animation.

Then here are the videos. (some of them to be posted to YouTube in the near future).

Lobster Fact: Due to the shape of their bodies Lobsters have come to be known as the crucifixes of the sea. In some countries it is even customary to attach a figure of Jesus Christ himself to the cleaned and preserved dead lobsters.

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