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/ Matthew Rotella Week 4 PPJ: Animation
January 31, 2017

This week has been all about animation for me as I strive to breathe life into my scenes.

First was the Atmosphere Entry shots. For the close up I sought to implement the ship turning to reveal the belly of the ship so that it could give the appearance of slowing its fall with more control.

Then I added a curvature to the flight path in the wide shot to reflect the belly turn in the previous shot.

Then I moved onto the Supernova Explosion shots. 

For the first shot I really tried to address the critique that the ship looks to toylike in its movement. So I did my best to give it more weight which was a lot easier now that the ship is rigged.

Then for the shot where it is inside the supernova I started from scratch and tried to add more flavor to its glitchy movements taking notes from the film Jumper. Like when the ship bursts forth towards the camera (video will be posted soon I’m not done yet). There are zippy parts like I had before and a few more frenetic parts.

Lobster Fact: Lobsters were once woven together as body armor by some ancient peoples, but they stopped upon realizing that it simply made their enemies want to eat them.

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