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/ Matthew Rotella Week 3 PPJ: Hairy Comps
April 25, 2017

This week I got my first final pass of my hair sims with somewhat disappointing results as far as the motion goes. When I make another pass I plan to drive the hair with mesh deformers as opposed simulating it. In any case here is the most recent working comp:

A also did another pass at the 2 supernova comps with much work still to go. In the explosion comp I painted a new center as well which I plan to animate with some other layers to make a more appealing effect.

I did some testing with CC Flo Motion in After Effects:

I also helped with our live action astronaut video shoot. I was mainly on witness cam taking pictures but I helped set up and tear down as well.

I attempted to take one selfie.

Lobster Fact: The largest object a lobster can eat is a grapefruit.

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