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/ Matthew Rotella Week 2 PPJ

Matthew Rotella, Week 2 Project Production Journal

This week I primarily focused plotting out and storyboarding major project events with Dan, Brendan, and JJ. We made a lot of great headway and have a rad narrative fitting Edgar Allen Poe’s “Eldorado” worked out for the animatic.  With that in mind I storyboarded out our Supernova scene that we plan on having in the project. From there I turned my storyboard into a short animatic of the Supernova. I also played around a bit with frame invention and optical flow in Nuke, using one of my Supernova color tests.

After some further planning with the group I worked out which scenes and assets I will be storyboarding and producing for the soon to be final animatic.

I also enlisted the help of a friend in the Music Industry program to plan out our backing score for the project. I introduced him to what we are doing with the project, got him on board, and got him to meet with the rest of the group. We plan on sending him assets on a regular basis so that we can get some musical demos as soon as possible. He is on board with our project and excited to help.

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