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/ Matthew Rotella Week 2 PPJ: Getting Hairy
April 18, 2017

This week for me was all about putting in hair sims in the atmosphere entry wide shot. I eventually honed in on a look, and worked out a pipeline for bringing the hair in and out of ZBrush for grooming. Here are a few shots of how the look progressed:

Unfortunately my first run through of the simulation did not go well and only the flower on the far left has a pistil with a properly moving simulation. You can see the issues here:

Though redoing the rest of the placement shouldn’t be too arduous. I already have all of their curves from ZBrush. This also gives me the opportunity to make some real improvements in efficiency. Now that I know the inner workings of applying the sims and curves I should be able to reduce my cache times by about 14 hours, as well as make the workflow generally easier to use, especially when it comes to polishing them later if desired.

Lobster Fact: Lobsters often hunt for smaller organisms and kill them by bashing them with their tail. Their claws are then used for tearing meat from their dead prey and are not used offensively in the hunt.

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