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/ Matthew Rotella Week 1 PPJ: Style and Progress
April 11, 2017

I created another styleframe to help formulate a plan like an evil genius for our future look. This one is for inside the supernova.

Before the style:

Behold the style:

Then the first steps were taken from there. I created a tunnel through which a camera flies to use as the background.

This will then be further enhanced by layering more moving backgrounds both new and old. Then further enhanced by adding streaks generated in Houdini by Ian Hartman shown below:

I have also made a few changes to the giant flower atmosphere entry wide shot shot. The only one implemented is a camera push at the moment, but I have also done some successful tests with hair simulations for adding fur and moss to various parts of the shot.

Lobster Fact: The lobster’s tail fin provides more pounds of push per square inch than a dolphin’s.


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