Catching a few lobsters...
/ Matthew Rotella Week 1 PPJ: Back From Break
April 4, 2017

Moving forward with the project we decided to create a plan based on style frames that we are creating to get a better idea of our final look. I completed one over break for the supernova explosion shot.  Here it is in layers:

I also went to the U.S. Virgin Island St. Thomas with my mother over break. It was delightful and I saw tons of glorious fish over break. I also got to see sea turtles (or Honu) in their natural environment. The trip was something like I’ve never experienced before and I loved it. I also got to eat meals next to wild lizards and chickens so that was cool too.

Lobster Fact: Lobsters, like many crustaceans, are arachnids, and like many arachnids, they secret a fine silk which they can use to form webs that function like underwater nets to collect debris floating in currents. They then consume the debris like the scavengers that they are.

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