Catching a few lobsters...
/ Matthew Rotella PPJ Week 6: Blocking, Bending, and Sculpting

Since my last PPJ I have mainly been working on scene blocking and visualization with an emphasis on the shot of the ship being inside the supernova. Though I continue to refine my blocking for the supernova explosion, as well as taking over blocking for our shot of the ship in the asteroid field.

Here is the inside the supernova shot pre databend:

Then I proceeded to create 9 different databends of the shot in Audacity and edited them into the original seen here:


Other than refining my databending skills and my blocking, my focus has been diving into ZBrush, and have created a rock and an asteroid that I think look pretty good.



Pros: I got the shot of being inside the supernova fleshed out well.

Cons: The supernova took time and I didn’t do as many ZSculpts as I wanted to.

Lobster Fact: Lobsters can only mate in groups of prime numbers.


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