Catching a few lobsters...
/ Matthew Mlodzienski Week 8 PPJ
February 27, 2017

This week I worked on getting the lights on the ship a bit more refined, specifically adding in more lights to represent the lighting that would be added by the engines. I also worked on polishing the animation of the asteroid field shot and relighting it, and worked on compositing several shots. Since the ship was my big assignment for most of the project, I’m a bit of a floater at this point and have been jumping around to different tasks when the team doesn’t need changes made to the ship.

Pros: Project is really starting to come together.

Cons: Got a lot of stuff to do in the next couple weeks, and the render farm is acting up.

Lobster Fact: Lobsters are the only species to surpass elephants for memory capacity, as a result it is recommended to never cross one and expect to get away with it.

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