Catching a few lobsters...
/ Matthew Mlodzienski Week 7 PPJ
February 20, 2017

This week, I finished getting the turntable cleaned up and composited for use in my demo reel. Once that pressing concern was taken care of, I wheeled back to working on the asteroid shot. Taking the asteroids that Rotella modeled in the fall, I pushed them through Mari using procedural textures and textures generated from Zbrush, and exported them as premade assets in Maya using the custom tools Ian has made for the team. This allowed me to quickly propagate them as both instanced geometry in a particle system to fill out the field, as well as individually animated asteroids that nearly collide with the ship. The shot now feel significantly more kinetic and tense.

Pros: It’s nice to feel like the asteroid field shot has an actual environment now.

Cons: The poly count is now very high, and the shot still needs a lot of work, especially with lighting.

Lobster Fact: Lobster claws are regarded as religious idols in some cultures.

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