Catching a few lobsters...
/ Matthew Mlodzienski Week 6 PPJ
February 13, 2017

This week, I worked on getting putting some more polish on the ship, as well as experimenting with rendering and compositing techniques to be used later in the project. This is entirely self serving, as getting this together allows me to put it in my demo reel.

On Friday the computers updated to Renderman 21, which meant that we had to rebuild our lighting setups. I took the opportunity to add more lights to the ship so that it could self illuminate, which I’ve read is a useful trick for lighting things in space scenes. After that, and follow some further cleaning of textures in Mari, I began to render and test compositing techniques that we will be able to use with the ship moving forward. This process was experimental in nature, since this is my first time diving this deep into Renderman’s various passes.

Pros: Ship looks very pretty when it has a good comp.

Cons: I always wish stuff looked better.

Lobster Fact: While they’re most know for the claws on the end of their front appendages, the ending of each of their legs are also made out of claws.

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