Catching a few lobsters...
/ Matthew Mlodzienski Week 5 PPJ
February 6, 2017

Big week for us! This week I updated the textures on the ship, giving them more detail and grunge, as well as removing several elements that were detracting from the textures. The net effect is that the ship looks better now than ever before, though of course there is still room for improvement. I also made the lights around the ship, as well as the cockpit, functional using Renderman mesh lights. They are now integrated into the rig for use by the rest of the team.

After that, we switched gears to begin rendering for the beta preview. I polished the animation for the campfire and asteroid shots, as well as relighting the asteroid field. We also wound up having time to get some of Rotella’s asteroids pushed from ZBrush, through Mari, and into the scene, replacing several of the hand animated asteroids that pass by the ship. Once the rest are done, we can replace the geometry instancing in the background field, as well as add some more near-miss asteroids.

Pros: Feels good to have the project feel as if it’s coming together. Mari behaves a lot better when you’re not working with the ship asset and all its big textures.

Cons: I don’t think there were any real cons this week, we made solid progress. I wish I could have finished the asteroids I guess.

Lobster Fact: Earth is the 3rd planet that has been colonized by lobsters.

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