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/ Lobsters are Weird Week 8 Team PPJ
May 30, 2017

Wow! What a week! Lobsters have been on the move, making waves, and working on compositing each frame of our project so that we can provide the best possible final project. Here’s some updated composites to show our progress. These slides are all indicitive of our current position in the pipeline and are not all repeated from previous weeks.

DIE’s new composite provides a more realistic sun with flares and specular blow outs, regardless of the exposure rack.
New CMP 005 features better flame simulations, ember FX, and the background from the new CMP 010.
AST 010 has more asteroids, more minute grain in the ambient space, and god rays have been cranked up to 11.
And finally, NOV 010 has more glitch effects multiplied on, which foreshadows the glitching in NOV 020.
We’re excited to be bringing you Honu in less than two weeks! We’ll see you at the senior showcase!

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