Catching a few lobsters...
/ Lobsters Are Weird Week 8 PPJ

Wow! What a week that was!

As lobsters, we set out this week with a few simple goals: We wanted to make sure that our ship looked great, start moving forward on matte paintings, figure out resolve, work on our effects, and begin experiment with lighting. In each of these categories, we have made amazing strides.

I think the best way to show how far we’ve progressed this past week, as I’ve done before, is show the latest version of our animation. Now with music, done by fellow Dragon and music industry student Rishabh Singh. Please enjoy:

LOBSTER FACT: When engaging in a coin-toss with a lobster, it may be helpful to know that 80% of lobsters will choose “tails” when given the pick. Lobsters, a deeply superstitious bunch, have a near religious belief in the phrase “tails never fails.”

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