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April 25, 2017

Wow! It’s been quite a week, and the Lobsters are very excited to be putting a new cut of Honu in front of the faculty today. The past few weeks have been characterized by fast updates, quick iterations, and art directed improvements to our shots. With that in mind, we’re putting forward a lot of brand new frames that are sure to wow anyone has hasn’t seen Honu in quite a bit. Over this past week, we’ve put in a ton of time to make sure this deliverable was as good as we can make it. Here’s just a sampling of the updates we’ve made over the past week that you’ll read further about in our individual PPJs:

Live Action Actor

One of our major changes, and one you’ll probably read about multiple times, is our live action shoot. The lobsters scouted out Ellie Rundell, a product design senior, who happened to be working on a prototype spacesuit. We filmed Ellie in the green screen room in her suit and comped that footage into CMP 010 and COR 010. Adding live action people to our compositions increases the audience’s connection to the ship and adds visual interest to the shots.

Makeshift ramp in action. Against a green screen, held up by JJ, and further held together by our hopes not to get sued. Read More

Fur on Flowers

Our long time readers will know that Matt Rotella has been hard at work getting hair onto the flowers in ATM 030. This week, Matt was not only able to get the fur on the flowers and groomed, but recolor the shot and develop a better look for the reentry trail. Awesome job, Matt!

ATM 030’s new look. Read More

Other Look Development

Our polishing is in the form of taking all the small elements that we dislike about our project, and refining and reiterating until we get them perfect. We have a lot of shots that received changes that’ll make them look much better in the long run. Here’s a sampling of that look development:

CUB’s New Textures. Read More
AST being refined further. Read More
ATM 020 has a new matte painting. Read More

Lobsters are excited about this progress, and we’re looking forward to faculty feedback this morning. We hope to see you in the URBN annex for the premiere of this brand new cut.

Lobster Fact: Saint Drogo is the catholic church’s patron saint of unattractive people, cattle, coffee house owners, deaf people, and lobsters.

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