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/ Lobsters Are Weird Team PPJ Week 4
May 2, 2017

As you might expect from the Lobsters, we’ve been hard at work this past week bringing the universe of Honu to life. We’ve put a great deal of time into working on this project over the past week, and we’re really proud of the progress that we’ve made, and we can’t wait to show you our final cut of Honu on June 6th. In the mean time, here’s a snap shot of where the project is now, and the advancements we’ve made over the past week:


Our nova sequence, the highly-controversial glitch-and-data-bend section of our project, is getting even whackier. Thanks to the non-stop efforts of Matt Rotella and new simulations from Ian Hartman, the shot is getting crazier and crazier to help sell our vision of a highly radioactive space phenomenon.

To read more about these changes, please visit Matt Rotella’s post.

Color Correction

The lobsters have been looking for a while now to add a color correction step to our pipeline. Using color correction allows a higher degree of control over the final look of our piece, and will allow us to even make “looks” or styles on the compositional level that we couldn’t have achieved out of Nuke alone. Here’s just a preview of some of the changes that are happening on the color correction front:

To read more about these changes, please visit Jacob Jones’s post.

Thruster Update

One of the major notes we received over the previous submission was on our ship thrusters. Ian Hartman has taken these notes to heart and developed new thruster effects, which are not only more realistic, they allow for better flickering and scaling with ship effects.

Example of Ian’s new Thrusters. Read More

We know there are only a couple of more weeks, but we’re polishing as quickly as possible and making sure that our final result is the best possible product for the final submission. We already know that this project will be something we’re really proud of and will look great on our demo reels.

LOBSTER FACT: Lobsters are the only crustacean that can see UV light. This trait was acquired by lobsters over thousands of generations to win game show contests.

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