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/ Lobsters Are Weird Team PPJ – Week 2
January 17, 2017

This week, lobsters made great strides (or a lot of little strides since lobsters have small legs) in a lot of areas in our project. Here’s a quick recap of the progress we’ve made moving the project forward this week:

– Placeholder geometry will soon be removed on the atmospheric reentry shot, and replaced with some funky floral creatures, courtesy of Matt Rotella. Influenced by lily flowers and mangrove trees, these alien-looking plants are certain to give the shot an interesting and different look from our other various desert shots.

Matt Rotella’s alien plants. Read More

– Our eclipse shot is moving along nicely, thanks to Daniel Fradkin and The Foundry’s Nuke. We’re getting a more lifelike feel to the shot by adding noise around the perimeter of the star and using projected textures.

Dan’s New Eclipse Composite. Read More

– Some serious work has been done to spire rock planet, since it’s been touched this week by Lobsters Ian Hartman and Brendan Brown. Brendan retimed the animation and added geometry to the planet’s sculpt while Ian implemented some amazing clouds into the shot. Here’s an example of how the shot looks now, thanks to their hard work:

Ian and Brendan worked hard to bring us this new spire rock planet render. Read more about Ian and Brendan‘s week.

– The ship, probably the most important aspect we have, has been the domain of Matt Mlodzienski, and finally, the end is in sight. Along with getting the ship rigged, Matt has put a ton of effort into the texture of the ship.

New ship renders by Matt. Read More

– You may have also noticed that the website has had some upgrades. While the website isn’t entirely done, most of the features are in place. Jacob Jones helped get this website up and running.

Our new website with an exciting new video banner. Read More

Lobsters are Weird, as a team, spent a collective 125 hours in the lab this past week, and it was all spent pushing this project forward.

Lobster Fact: Dan Brown’s book The Lobster Code, which attempted to make sense of the countless lobsters scattered throughout Renaissance paintings, has been deemed illegal through much of Europe for being offensive and factually incorrect.

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