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/ Lobsters Are Weird Team PPJ Week 1
April 11, 2017


The lobsters are feeling pretty excited to be returning to the labs this week and getting back in the swing of a normal production schedule. The lobsters put in a great deal of time this week helping to push our project more towards the style frames that we created over spring break, and overall lifting our project to a more art-directed final product. Here’s just a few of the changes you’ll read about in our PPJs this week:

NOV 020 Changes

NOV 020 is our psychedelic glitch art sequence, which has been one of our most interesting and hard to create sequences. Not only are we manipulating the images in such a weird way, we’ve been struggling to bring it to the third dimension and add depth to the shot. Lobsters Matt Rotella and Ian Hartman have been hard at work fixing this problem. Their work is moving this shot from the organized chaos that we’ve shown it before and moving it in a more refined and cohesive style that better reflects the rest of the project.

Matt Rotella began by creating a new tunnel that forces a more interesting movement pattern from the ship. Read More

Added to this will be Ian’s new simulation which mimics light streaks across the screen. Read More

CUB 010 Ecosystem

Before this week, CUB 010 (the one with the cubes) has been in the middle of a vast desert. While this was a neat look and carried us through two terms, we’re excited to announce that the planet has been terraformed. Using about 10 particle systems worth of plant scattering, the shot now has some wild grasses and other flora to help bring the shot to life.

Wild flora at the base of our giant cubes. Read More

Edit Changes

Our previous edit was great, but we are always pushing it to be better. Now in its 23rd iteration, the edit is getting even closer to its locked form. This new edit is intended to bring back the emotional intensity of DIE, properly heightened the peril of NOV 010, and allows each shot the space it needs to breath in the composition. There’s also a meeting scheduled this week with a professional editor to see their thoughts and push the edit even further.

Exciting new updates to the edit! Read More

Overall, lobsters are excited by the progress we’ve made this week. We’re pushing Honu further than ever before, and we can’t wait to show you all the final product in just a couple of weeks!

Lobster Fact: While the US generates 2/3 of its electricity from fossil fuels, South America generates 2/3 of its energy from lobsters running on little hamster wheels.

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