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/ JJ’s Week 8 PPJ: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
February 28, 2017

This week I was pretty productive, and I’m proud of a lot of it. And not proud of some other parts. SO here’s the good, the bad and the ugly of my past week.

The Good: DIE Relight 

Face of the ship, before and after the relight. Read More

While I was originally proud of my lighting in the DIE sequence, I realized that it only looked good from that one angle. In order to ensure continuity between shots in the sequence, I had to relight the ship. I feel like my new lighting job still has the same contrast I was previously working with, but now looks better from every angle.

The Bad: CMP 050

Not necessarily bad, but not quite yet ready to be added to our project.

We had gotten a note at some point that perhaps CMP, our longest sequence, would look better as two separate shots. This would reduce our 30 second shot into two much more modestly lengthen sections. In the first, we just see the camp fire and then we cut wide, showing the ship in the background. To test this cut, I mocked up a frame with temp framing, fire luma-keyed out of stock footage, and brought it into After Effects.

The Ugly: Server Maintenance.

I’m a neat freak, and I take digital hygiene very seriously. So I took it upon myself to clean up the server, archive old files, and remove the .tmp files that have been bloating our file. This cleanup would not only organize our selves, it’d speed up our weekly back up of the server, which had quickly gone from an 8-hour task to a multi-day task.

Well, I deleted a pretty important file. I haven’t taken the class where it’s discussed, but simulations need to be archived, and I deleted that archive. I don’t intend to shift blame, I admit that I deleted the file, 100%. However, I’d just like to point out that this file wasn’t deleted without thought or rational. I had explicit permission to delete everything in that directory. But I should have known about this file, and I’m glad that I learned about it from this accident.

The file was rebuildable, and within a couple of hours, it was back on the server in an approved state. But I do feel awful for setting the team back several hours. So, my team, I deeply apologize. Y’all are the best and I really hope y’all will learn to forgive me.

Lobster Fact: If you ever find yourself fighting off a Lobster infestation, catch one of the lobsters, take an embarrassing photo of it in a silly Christmas sweater, and then blackmail them into getting all their lobster friends to leave. They’ll be gone within the next three days.

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