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May 2, 2017

It’s been an exciting past week! Here’s some of the progress I’ve made over the past week:

Update Edit for Music Delivery

This week Matt Rotella and I met with our composer, and we needed to ensure we were giving him the best possible edit for composing. Each additional change that we make from this point forward will make his project harder, and that’s counterproductive for both of us. To ensure that we’re being good clients, I wanted to make sure that the newest edit would feature the best possible timing and cuts.

Color Correction

At the start of this project, we listed a series of new tools we wanted to learn, and the top of my list was Black Magic’s DaVinci Resolve. This color correction software allows filmmakers better control over their colors before export, and it’s an ever growing powerful tool that is available for free. With that sort of description, you can probably understand why it’s high on my list of software to learn.

I did a primary color pass and compared the results to where it was before I began editing. I compiled the shots I liked best into a short video:

This is just my first pass, and I know a few more tricks that I hadn’t implemented yet, these were all just broad global changes that effect the entire color. In future color passes I’d like to introduce more fragmented color changes and use what I know to either draw attention to the ship or prevent loss of minute detail (loss of detail is really apparent in the ATM 030 shot from the above video).

LOBSTER FACT: Lobsters have a pouch in their stomach to store printed Map Quest directions to frequently visited places and other additional sundries important to their day-to-day life.

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