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April 25, 2017

Hey everyone! It’s been an exciting past week, and Lobsters are excited to be putting a new cut of our project in front of the faculty today. Here’s some of the progress that I personally contributed this week.

CMP 005 Embers and Comp

CMP 005 allows us to get closer to the fire without having an unreasonably long camera move to start off our project. I took on the shot when nobody else wanted to work on it, and thanks to Ian Hartman, we now have an exciting fire simulation there. I also added an ember simulation behind the logs and ensured that the comp of the shot compensated for the flickering light that’s inherent to fire. Here’s a quick frame of that composite:

CMP 005 – Fire and Embers

Live Action Shoot

I assisted on the live action shoot, along with Ian Hartman, Brendan Brown and Matt Rotella. Together we captured footage that will be comped in to CMP 010 and COR 010. This added live action element will increase the audience’s emotional attachment to the HONU and further add visual interest to the shots. Here’s a picture of myself holding a ramp steady so Ellie, our actor, wouldn’t fall and sue the school:

You can thank me later, Drexel.

New Edit

New Edit

And finally, I adjusted some of the timings in the edit. I’ve also sent the edit, with all the necessary annotations to one of my editor friends, so we’ll be going over it with a fine tooth comb in the upcoming week so we can get to an edit lock.

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