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April 18, 2017

I was sick for a lot of this past week (something’s going around the department, and it’s super gross), but it wasn’t a complete loss. I was able to make some strides in both project management and the title animation on LPO.

LPO Animation Fix

Brendan pointed out that the title text on our main title was low res, and he was absolutely right. Since the LPO comp was also recently updated, I was able to reanimate the title using a higher resolution image of the project logo. I also had to lower the bottom right planet so it wouldn’t eclipse the type, but that was a relatively simple addition to the comp node. Here’s a comparison of what the shot looked like before and after changes:

Cleaning up LPO Titles

So much sharper. So much more readable. It’s great.

Project Management

We knew that we needed to update our internal production model to reflect the high-pressure polishing that needs to happen this term. So far we were able to get results off of a more laissez faire management style, where developments were made through personal interest in shots, but as we near the end we want to ensure specific notes are being effectively delegated and completed. We were able to take the list of items we made last week and converted it into a trello, which will allow us to create and manage items much more simply.

Lobster Fact: Sir. Claws the Buttery is the Catholic Church’s patron saint of lobsters and other edible shellfish.

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