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/ JJ’s Spring Week 5 PPJ
May 9, 2017

I had a respiratory infection this week, which hurt my production. And DIE 060 (the final shot in our dramatic DIE sequence where the ship comes back to life), much like the mucus in my broncial tubes, was clogging up the pipeline and causing a ton of unnecessary problems.

Jones, Jacob. A Dumb Metaphor, Illustrated. 2017. Figurative language on a blog nobody reads. Museum of Dumb Jokes, Extended Joke, Pennsylvania.

So I did two passes of the shot, trying to ensure that it’d get moved in the right direction. Here’s the two animation passes:

After still not fully realizing the vision of the shot, Brendan stepped in and created a new version.

This work was not in vain. During one of my saves, I corrupted the file, but we were able to open it again. The file was weirdly glitching, and the glitches rendered. The pass is being rendered now, and we may be adding this to the NOV sequence. Happy accidents, right?

I also updated the website to fit with our current level of progress and updated the motion graphics on LPO 010 (check out that featured image).

LOBSTER FACT: Actor Ed Harris was voted most likely in his high school “to be permanently fused with a Lobster in a Cronenbergian science experiment.”

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