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April 10, 2017

I’ve started my final quarter of college, and I’m excited and terrified about this term, since against my better judgement, I’ve signed up for 19 credits, including 16 credits of production classes. I’ve realized that means committing myself to being in the lab everyday, from sun up to sun down, and really kicking butt this term.

My first week was a little off, but I’m still proud of the progress I made. Here’s what I did this week:

1. Updates to the Edit

Exciting new updates to the edit!

I’m really happy with where we were last term, but unfortunately the edit lock was respected and I had to make some changes to the edit to make it work with the music and the fabulous work submitted by my team. Since the rest of my team is resistant to speed warping (I know PPJs aren’t the place to complain about it, but gosh, speed warps would solve a lot of problems pretty elegantly), I had to remove some of parts of my edit to shoe horn in as much of my team’s work as I could while keeping in synch with the audio provided by our amazing musicians. Since we’re starting fresh again, I reverted the edit to the old way, and now I feel like the edit is in a much healthier place. I’ve included the updated timeline above.


Over spring break, the team decided to make style frames that’d help direct us artistically through this term. Since looking at those style frames, we created a list of what changes were made and I organized them into our gantt chart. Those updates are now in place and I, as the project manager, can better oversee their progress as we move forward this term.

3. Ending Credits

As an experiment, I decided to start messing around with an idea for the closing credits. To highlight the craft that went into our environment art, I wanted to create title cards that showcased the environment in a new way. I accomplished this through filtering raw images through google’s deep dream, cutting them out onto individual layers, them creating movement the echoed the proper parallax. The intended effect was to create a sort of painted 3D landscape that the sequences could take place in. I’m sort of happy with the way it looks, but I still feel like it’s missing something. The effect isn’t all way there. I’m not sure if I want to push this idea further or start looking for a new idea.

Lobster Fact: The first lobster mayor was elected in 1886 as a joke in the city of Cincinnati. The lobster was such a good mayor, though, it ended up serving eight terms.

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