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/ JJ PPJ Week 6: A Matte Painter, a Colorist and a Project Manager Walk Into a Bar…

This week I started working on creating matte paintings, learning DaVinci Resolve and continued updating project management forms to ensure my team stays on task.

To create Matte paintings, I wanted to use photographs, since they’d better sell the photo-realistic aesthetic that we’re aiming for. I created the illusion of the cloud movement by skewing the image. That way, there’s the illusion of depth since we see parallax in movement– clouds further away move slower than the clouds close to you.

Also, as you’ll see above, I got the videos on our website to loop! I know that isn’t too exciting, but I’ve been trying to get it to work for a couple of weeks now, and that makes figuring it out all the more worth mentioning here.

I finally buckled and got a account. I was crossing my fingers that a grinch-style heart growth would happen with higher-ups at Pluralsight so we could get Drexel’s educational licenses back, but have since stopped. Not only are their project management courses interesting, I’ve started learning DaVinci Resolve. Resolve is an industry standard color-correction software. I’m still learning the interface, but I hope to post color corrected videos to here in the next few days. Stay tuned! Same lobster time, same lobster channel. 

Finally, I’ve worked at keeping all of project management up to date. I feel like status updates are going to be a really valuable tool, and it makes sure that, in our two-week sprints, we’re moving in the right directions. I was also able to spend some time this past weekend talking to two previous project managers from the Digital Media Senior Projects of Yesteryear– Valentina Feldman of Mountains of Madness  and Britt Gilbert of Conspicua about how they ran their projects. I laid out my plan for project managing, and they gave me a lot of helpful advice that I’d like to start incorporating into my management style starting next term.

Lobster Fact: A century ago, male lobsters were 3 times as likely as female lobsters to be diagnosed with drinking problems. Among lobsters today, there is no evidence of either lobster gender having a stronger chance of gaining alcohol dependence.

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