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/ Jacob Jones Week 7 PPJ
February 21, 2017

This week I updated all of the shots that I’ve taken ownership of to meet the notes given to us by John Berton. I also kept up with all associated project management tasks and correspondence, updated the edit of our project for a new work in progress submission, and rererendered CMP to ensure that the flickering won’t be a significant problem. It still is, but much less of a problem.

Furthemore, I worked on increasing the dramatic tension in DIE. In this sequence, our ship is floating in the middle of space, helpless and flickering towards death. I knew I wanted this scene to be tense, so I referenced lighting from horror films. Here’s the image I referenced:

Spooky scary high-contrast lighting. Source

And here’s the lighting I came up with:

Will our explorers be okay? Find out next week! Same Lobster time, same Lobster channel!

Lobster Fact: Lobsters are surprisingly skilled masons.

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