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/ Jacob Jones: A Week 6 PPJ
February 14, 2017

This week I attempted to rerender CMP. The sequence was problematic in our most recent cut because of a few frames that were either unrendered or only partially rendered. Despite my best attempts to get it working, I was unsuccessful. If you’d like to read about that issue, you can see my blog post about it here.

An Example of a partially rendered frame. Read More

I also updated my composites on DIE, since the ship was hard to see in the rendered shots in the Beta, and I updated the edit. My team did some experimental edits over the week that I also really loved, and inspired me to get more creative with our cut. I’m going to take a stab at it this week to see if I can incorporate some of their changes into our project.

I also updated our team poster to better represent ourselves in the lobby display. Here’s that poster–

Lobster Fact: Lobsters have Valentines too! Each February, lobsters find a partner and spend all day together, seeing films, eating at fine restaurants and taking long strolls.

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